Vista Cruiser and CB hopping. How awesome. My dad loved the CB and when Smokey and the Bandit came out I think he loved it even more.

HH was the first meal I was allowed to make while my mom was working because you couldn't hurt yourself too bad on the ol'sunbeam electric. I still make it today but my own scratch version cause.. well read the ingredient box sometime #scary

I can't imagine you all traveling around in a Bug. That's just insanity. My dad had a 'van by the river' kind of van where he bungie corded a b&w tv and an early VCR and I got to watch Bob Hope specials and 1977's Pete's Dragon. heheh!

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May 22, 2023Liked by Tamela Rich

Tamela, this brought up so many memories. Hamburger Helper (which I still love), little boxes of cereal, CB radios. My dad was a teacher so he had the summers off. He’d get a twinkle in his eye and we’d hop in the VW Bug for an adventure. Sometimes we would get too far and to stay the night at a motel. After a few times, Mom would bring toothbrushes and a change of underwear just in case. We never knew where we were going but it was always worth the trip.

Thank you for sharing your words.

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